Monday, May 18, 2015

A Talent Show

Alyssa’s school puts on a Sixth Talent Show each year. This is entirely voluntary, the students even have to audition to get the chance to perform.

Alyssa and three friends, A, S and T performed a Skillet song.

Can I just be a mom here and say that they were freaking adorable? So much fun and cuteness and they’re twelve and SO BRAVE.

My mom and Tom joined me at the school to watch the show.

As we sat waiting for the show to begin I told my mom that if my school had done something like this, I would have been one of the kids sitting at the back of the room, not performing. I would have WANTED to perform but I wouldn’t have had the nerve, the confidence.

I am so, so glad that Alyssa has awesome friends who encourage her and whom she encourages and that together, they were brave enough to climb onto the stage and sing. They SANG. And it was awesome.

Okay, pulling myself together again. Ahem.

Alyssa is everything I wish I’d been when I was twelve. She’s confident, she’s strong, she’s so smart and can be so sweet and yet she stands up for herself and others when she feels that she or others are being picked on. She has amazing friends who are also smart and confident and kind.

She doesn’t doubt her own talent, her own beauty, inner or outer. She exudes a strength that I hope grows and blossoms as she does.

This talent show was so much fun, for the kids as well as the parents. The kids made their own costumes, came up with their own acts, picked their own music. They performed their way and it was amazing.

Twelve is so great for Alyssa. I hope it just keeps getting better.

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