Thursday, November 12, 2015


Anyone who knows me at all knows that I’m not really all that consistent.

I realize that is part of the reason my girls were such horrible sleepers as babies.

I’m trying hard to rectify this issue lately when it comes to Olivia sleeping in my bed.

Each night before we go to sleep I remind her that she’s going to stay in her bed that night.

She’ll nod, acting like she agrees with me and almost every night this week, she’s come to my bed around 2am, asking to climb in with me.

The lazy part of me wants to just scooch over and let her have her way.

The practical side makes me get up, walk her back to her bed, tuck her in and kiss her goodnight. When she inevitably asks why she can’t sleep with me, I gently remind her that it’s just not comfortable to sleep together in my bed. She’s poky and jabby and surprisingly good at hogging the bed. My back ends up hurting and I’m cranky the next morning because I got crap sleep the night before.

I’m learning that if I stay consistent with not letting her sleep with me, after a few nights she’ll not even bother getting out of her bed. But the first night I give in and let her snuggled up in my bed, I’m in for at least a week of walking her back to her bed and reminding her that we all sleep better when we’re in our own beds.

I’m a little slow at this mommy thing, obviously. But I think I might be getting the hang of it.

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