Tuesday, July 19, 2016

We're a Mess Over Here

When I hobbled into the house yesterday afternoon, the first thing I noticed was Alyssa’s left eye. It was red and puffy. Not horribly swollen but definitely noticeable.

Because she’s Alyssa, she’d been putting a cold pack on her eye all day, wiping the gunk out of the corner every fifteen minutes or so and basically over-reacting to what might have been a leaky eye on someone else.

She does this about everything. And it’s fine, really, because she tends to take care of herself and so while it amuses me to see her with her entire foot wrapped from toes to mid-shin because she ‘kicked’ a wall while doing a handstand at a friend’s house, it doesn’t really affect me because she doesn’t expect me to baby her ‘injuries’ because she’s perfectly capable of babying her own injuries.

So yeah, her eye was a little swollen. She told me she’d woken up to find it matted with dried goo. Ick!

We put some allergy eye drops in her eye and she continued to ice it for the night.

She woke up this morning with a VERY swollen and red eye. But, she declared that it actually felt better than it had yesterday so we’re playing it by ear.

After she’d given me all the details on her eye issue, Alyssa informed me that Tom took a nap yesterday afternoon. Well, okay. Whatever. He’s allowed to take a nap. It’s not like the girls are five and one and need constant supervision.

He mentioned that an injury he sustained last Friday while at the lake (he was playing in the water with the girls and was, well, he was showing off and hit his head on the bottom of the lake while doing backward somersaults in the water) had moved from just a stiff neck to his shoulders.

So the nap was warranted. He declared that while yes, his neck and shoulders were stiff, he wasn’t nearly as injured at I am (you know, what with the stabbing pain in my back when I take a deep breath) and so he made dinner last night for all of us.

Olivia, on the other hand, is hale and hearty. But she can’t stand being left out so she declared that while rubbing her eye, she must have scratched her tear duct because her eye hurt too!

I hugged her and kissed the corner of her eye and told her that I was sure her eye would feel better in the morning. She assured me that if Lyssie’s eye was better in the morning, then HER eye would be better too. Okay, so she didn’t actually say that but we all know that’s how these things work.

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Julie said...

My goodness, you are all falling apart! Hopefully A's eye is better today!