Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Almost Too Much Fun

Is it possible to have too much fun? If so, I think the past four days (a FOUR day weekend for the win!) would rank right up there as too much fun.

There were games at the kitchen table, there was chocolate consumed like we might never see it again. We ate Chex mix until we thought we might burst, Olivia and I competing to see who could find the most Melba toast and eat it before the other could snatch it out of our hands. She won.

Best of all, though, was Christmas morning when we got to my mom’s house and the girls opened their gifts from Gram and Pawp. Alyssa stunned and thrilled by the laptop my mom got her. And Olivia…oh my goodness, who knew a Karaoke machine was the key to that girl’s heart?

Oh wait, my mom knew. I took several videos of her singing into that microphone with all her might.

The girls and I went to see the new animated movie Sing yesterday. I think, for A and O, the fun of seeing a movie in the theater is more about the snacks and being next to me than the actual movie.

When we got home, I sat down at the computer to check Facebook and within five minutes, I had a girl on either side of me. I laughed and said, “Wasn’t the last three hours of being next to me enough?”

Alyssa informed me quite seriously, “Mumsy, we can never get enough of you.”

Which…awwww and yet…dudes, a little space once in a while? I mean, just a couple of inches to either side would be appreciated.

Then, as she was reading memes to me last night, Alyssa stopped for a second, gave me a look of realization.

“What?” I asked, wondering what was going on in her head. Her brain never stops and she’s always got some fascinating nugget of information to share with me.

“It’s that moment when you realize that your celebrity crush is exactly like your mom.”

I admit it, I laughed at that one. Then I patted her on the shoulder and said, “Well, I supposed every kid’s first crush is probably their mom so…you’re just transferring your feelings of admiration and love for me to Avi.”

She blinked at me a few times and then declared, “I guess I still have a crush on you, but in the way that’s normal and not weird at all.”

Again, I laughed because…well, it was funny. “Nope, completely normal and not weird at all.”

I am so lucky to have another four-day weekend looming. I hope we managed as much fun as we did this past four-day weekend.

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