Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Programs and Concerts and Parties

This week has been jammed packed full of things to do and places to be.

Olivia’s school program (The Night the Toys Came to Life) was originally scheduled for Monday, December 12, at 7pm but since school was closed due to…was it fog this time or snow? I have no idea. Since school was closed, the program was postponed. Then it was rescheduled for Monday, December 19…at 1pm. Yep, smack dab in the middle of the freaking work day. Sigh.

I had scheduled Tuesday, December 20 as a vacation day months ago because that was the day that O’s class Christmas party was scheduled. It was to be my last vacation day of the year. Thankfully, we roll over on January 1st so I only have five working days until I can take a vacation day. How will I make my way through the next week knowing I’m out of vacation days?

Because of the change in day and time of O’s Christmas program, I switched my full-day vacation day from Tuesday to half day vacation days on both Monday and Tuesday. I could go to both the program and the party. Whoohoo! Of course, that meant for hectic mornings at work as I tried to get a day’s worth of work done in four hours but we do what we must (dramatic sigh…)

Throw in Alyssa’s Jr. High band and choir concert on Monday evening just for fun and we’ve had a busy few days this week.

Is it really only Wednesday?

On the bright side, this morning I only had to get myself up and dressed because as of yesterday at 3:02pm, the girls are on Christmas break. Thank you Lord!

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