Tuesday, March 14, 2017


One thing that was brought up (by me) at the very end of our IEP meeting for Olivia last week was the fact that next year she’ll have a locker with a combination.

The year after Alyssa was in fifth grade, the fourth graders were moved from the elementary wing of the school to the junior high wing. They’re still considered elementary but they’re bunched down with the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders now.

As it is now, Olivia has a locker but there is no lock on it. She puts her backpack, her lunch, and her coat in that locker daily and because she’s in third grade there are no valuables that need to be locked up.

Next year, though, even though she’ll still have no valuables she’ll have a locker with a lock…a combination lock.

I shared my skepticism as to whether or not she’d be able to master the combination lock and was assured that she’ll have time to get used to it. For the first month or so, it was suggested that she practice unlocking her locker but if she can’t do it in a reasonable amount of time she’ll be able to take her coat, lunch, and backpack to her classroom.

I said that we’ll buy a combination lock and let her practice at home but I worry that having another combination might not actually help. It might just clutter up her brain with too many numbers and too much left, right, left crap. I guess we’ll see.

Right this second, I can’t let myself worry about it because if I do, I’m borrowing trouble and we’re still smack dab in third grade with plenty of trouble right here that needs to be handled. Let’s not worry about fourth grade until at least July!


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Julie said...

Oh gosh, now I'm worried about it. But I'm glad she can walk away from it if it happens.