Monday, March 27, 2017

So Much for Spring Break

Sometimes, you just have to decide to consider yourself lucky that crappy stuff happened when you already had the day off work.

The girls were on spring break last week. I took Thursday and Friday off to spend the days with them. We didn’t have any actual plans but I’d hoped to do something fun, like, I don’t know, go to the park. Something!

Instead, on Thursday, I had a mammogram and then came home with a fever, chills, aches and went to sleep for many, many hours.

It was not restful sleep. This was one of those weekends where I might have muttered on more than one occasion, “My bed is making me mad.”

Yeah, I’m really mature when I don’t feel well.

We’re going to try and do spring break better next year.

On the bright side, Alyssa attended two sleep overs and Olivia took three showers. That’s something.

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Julie said...

Oh yuck, I hope you are feeling better!! I'm glad the girls had fun on their break.