Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Olivia loves to tell me stories about her imaginary friends.

Last weekend, it was all about Mush Mush. Olivia announced that Mush Mush and Mush Mush’s mom were going to town with us that day. She described Mush Mush’s outfit, her hair style, her choice of accessories.

I think Mush Mush is older than Olivia. At least, most days she is. Olivia likes to declare Mush Mush’s age according to what Mush Mush needs to do that day.

As the morning progresses, Mush Mush’s outfit and hair became fancier and fancier. Finally, Olivia declared that Mush Mush was wearing make-up.

She said, “Mush Mush’s mom lets her wear make-up every day.”

“That’s nice of her mom,” I said, distracted. I’d been listening to Mush Mush stories for going on three hours at that point, including my time in the shower, thank you very much.

“Do you know why Mush Mush’s mom lets her wear make-up?” Olivia asked turning my face to her so that she was sure I was listening.

“Why?” I asked, finally paying attention.

“Because,” she said pointedly, “she wants her to be…HAPPY.”

Ha! Hahahaha. I laughed and laughed at that not-so-subtle dig at my refusal to put make-up on my seven year old. Obviously, I don’t want Olivia to be happy since I won’t let her wear make-up every day.

That Olivia is a clever one. Don’t ever let her quiet, sweet fa├žade fool you.

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whosures said...

HAHA! I love that girl.