Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Magic of the Snowman

I took Olivia to see our family doctor on Monday. She needed a pneumonia shot since she’d had pneumonia back in April. He mentioned that there are a ‘bazillion types of germs that cause pneumonia’ but if we can stop even one from causing it, it’s worth it.

So she got a mini-physical too. She’s healthy and tough. She barely flinched when the nurse gave her the shot. The nurse was duly impressed with O’s tenacity.

Before the nurse came in with the needle though, the girls and I waited at least fifteen minutes after the doctor left.

The door was left slightly ajar and both girls were driving me crazy with this insane need to lean on me or against me or touch me in some way at all times.

I finally said, “Do you think they forgot us?”

Alyssa shrugged.

Olivia blinked at me. “Maybe they did forget us,” she agreed.

So I suggested we sing. Since the door was open a little, surely someone out there would hear us and be reminded that we were still there.

Alyssa suggested that they’d come in soon and that singing was unnecessary.

But since I’d had the idea, I just couldn’t NOT sing. So it began.

The song they hate me singing the most is Do You Want to Build a Snowman from Disney’s Frozen.

I’d barely gotten to “I never see you anymore, unlock the door…” when the nurse entered the room, smiling and saying, “Is someone singing?”

Alyssa wanted to die right there and Olivia giggled.

I said with a shrug, “They were getting bored. I thought I’d entertain them.”

After the shot was administered and Olivia picked out three Dum Dum suckers (the nurse was seriously impressed with her non-crying from the shot) we headed out of the office and I whispered to Alyssa, “It worked.”

She rolled her eyes at me but couldn’t suppress the smile that my gloating brought out in her.

I may not be the best singer in the world, but my voice does get noticed.

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