Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve

This morning the first thing Alyssa asked when she woke up was, “Today’s New Year’s Eve, isn’t it?”

When I answered in the affirmative, she let out a whoop and declared, “I’m going to eat all day long!”

Olivia joined in the celebration and said, “Me too! Let’s start with donuts!”

So they did.

See, Alyssa is an evening snacker. She would snack up until her eyes slammed shut if we let her.

But we don’t because, well, duh, it’s not good for a body or a body’s teeth, to eat all evening long.

So the kitchen closes around 8:30 each evening, much to Alyssa’s disgust and annoyance.

But Tom told her last week that on New Year’s Eve this year, she could eat all night if she wanted to. And she’s been counting down the days (much like Ryan Seacrest is going to count down the seconds in about fourteen hours) until today, the day when she can snack all night long if she chooses.

So that’s our plan for ringing in the new year. We’re doing to watch back to back to back episodes of Quantum Leap and eat and eat and eat until we pass out in a carb-induced coma. Is there anything better to do on a Wednesday night?

I think not.

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