Monday, December 29, 2014

Taking the Tree Down

So the Christmas tree came down yesterday. I felt almost bad about it. Partly because yesterday was only December 28. Another reason I felt a little bad about taking down the tree is that I had four boxes of Christmas decorations that sat waiting to be unpacked and placed about the house.

We didn’t get much out and up other than the tree.

Tom’s been doing some home improvement stuff for a couple of months and everything felt really hectic. The trim is off all the walls in the kitchen. The pantry door is currently leaning against a wall in the living room. The furniture in the family room is in the middle of the room as Tom paints the walls.

But the girls didn’t seem to mind. The tree is the main decoration and once the star was atop the tree, everyone (read: Olivia) was happy. See, the tree needs to be up so that the presents can go under it. Duh.

The rest is just extra and when you’re eight and twelve, the extras aren’t that big a deal. I feel like they cut me a break this year. I’m grateful for that.

Maybe next year the house will be in a better state and we’ll get everything out.

But for now, the tree is down for another year and everyone is glad to have the front window back. Olivia asked Tom this morning when he was going to move the rocking chair back to the window. She likes to lounge in that chair and let the sun warm her while she reads. She’s a girl after my own heart.

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Julie said...

I'm planning on taking my tree down on the 1st when I have some time at home so I'm REALLY jealous.