Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Dentist Appointment

Olivia and I drove 45 minutes this morning to an appointment that lasted twenty-two minutes.

It was worth it.

She sees a pediatric dentist for any work she needs done on her teeth. I take her to my regular dentist for cleanings but whenever she needs a filling or anything beyond a cleaning, we trek down to Fort Wayne to see Dr. O.

He’s awesome, his staff is awesome. Olivia has never come out of an appointment in tears.

This time she only needed sealants on her back top teeth. They’re coming in with some grooves, things we can’t fix, things that could catch food particles and lead to cavities. Since we can’t fix the grooves themselves, the dentist seals them over so that cavities are prevented. So much easier than dealing with the cavities after they’ve already formed.

This is the dentist we first saw about three years ago, the one who took the time to research O’s syndrome BEFORE he met with us. He’s one of the first medical professionals to do this…like ever. So yes, I kind of love this guy (from afar, I’m not a stalker or anything.) I recommend him to everyone in the area. He and his entire staff is worth driving forty five minutes for a twenty minute appointment. For reals.

And the best part of the day? I managed to get Olivia to the office at the right time AND…the right day.

I know. Maybe I’m outgrowing some of my flakiness.

Alas, maybe not. While we were paying for O’s procedure today, I got a call from the school.

It was a recording that stated, “This is Your Child’s School. Your child is not in attendance today and no phone call or note was provided concerning this absence.”

In my defense, I emailed Olivia’s teacher yesterday to let her know O would be late to school and see where she should go when I dropped her off.

I mentioned this to the office this morning when I walked Olivia in and Ms. B said that sometimes teachers forget to mention such things to the office. I assured Ms. B that in the future, I’d call the office even if I tell the teacher.

See, it wasn’t all my fault this time. And I’ll find a way to make it not all my fault next time too.


Julie said...

I love that you have a great pediatric dentist. Riley has one too and I recommend him to everyone. I know the time is lurking when she'll have to switch but for now, I'm happy.

Eunice Greer said...

If Olivia is developing grooves on her teeth, then it might be wise to check if there's a problem with her bite. Getting the sealants is a great idea to prevent food particles and bacteria from getting stuck in those grooves and fissures. Just always be on the look about it, though it's only temporary. Anyway, I hope her school will check in with her teacher before giving you a call about a missed notification. Or else you'll have to look for a loophole around that one as well. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that, Tommie! Take care! :)

Eunice Greer @ Downtown Dental SC