Thursday, January 29, 2015

Peculiar Little Morning People

The school called at 5:50 this morning to let us know that there was a two-hour delay due to icy roads.

My girls have the ability to hear my phone ring from the farthest reaches of the house. They can’t hear the alarm clock that goes off next to their heads but if they’re upstairs in their room they could hear my phone ring even if I was in the laundry room in the basement. They’re peculiar.

The minute the phone rang, both girls sat up straight in bed and asked, “Is it closed?”

I told them that there was just a delay and to go back to sleep.

They did not. I snoozed for ten minutes while Olivia played with a bunny nightlight and Alyssa tossed and turned. One minute before the snooze alarm when off Alyssa stage-whispered, “Livie! Do you want to get up? Let’s go find Dad!”

I looked at the clock and informed the oddballs that the alarm was going off in one minute. Ten seconds later, it went off.

I sighed and Alyssa laughed. I told her, “You guys are peculiar.”

She retorted, “You’re peculiluar.”

I replied, “You can’t call me peculiar if you can’t even say the word. And by the way? You’re peculiar.”

She managed to say the word correctly and they both bounded out of bed and were down the stairs before I could even get the covers off my wake-resistant body.

How did these peculiar children come from my body? How did I manage to have the only two children in the world who are morning people? Tom is a morning person, I get that he gave hem half their DNA but it’s just so strange to me that they’d want to get up at 6am if they don’t HAVE to.

And, lucky them, school was closed about ten minutes after I arrived at work this morning.

I really should have been a teacher. Except for that whole not liking other people’s kids, I’d have been an excellent teacher, what with being able to go back to sleep when school is delayed/closed.

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