Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sixth Grade Band Concert

Alyssa had a concert last night. This is her second year playing the flute and she’s already better than I ever was. Seriously. Girlfriend has actual talent whereas I had nothing but the determination to practice in an effort not to embarrass myself in class or at concerts.

I will say, though, that going to a sixth grade band concert is pretty much something only parents enjoy and I use the word ‘enjoy’ in its broadest definition.

I will give the sixth grade band credit. They’re better this year than they were last year. Truly. But then, a year’s worth of maturity and practice would make them better right?

I love that Alyssa is embracing music. I loved band, all that non-talent didn’t stop me from enjoying being part of the group. I love that she’s following that path. There’s something about learning to read music, learning to make music, learning to work together with other people to create something that other people can enjoy.

Again, ‘enjoy’ might be a stretch, but you know what I mean.

She’s so grown up these days, at least physically. When we got home from the concert, she still wanted to sit with me, her head on my shoulder, her hand clasping mine.

How lucky am I?

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Julie said...

She is beautiful and looks so mature in this picture.