Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Just Don't Even Know

I don’t know why she wouldn’t go to sleep. We’ve had a pretty good run lately when it comes to sleep. Olivia seems to have reached a point where she either sleeps through the night or she is able to put herself back to sleep if she does wake up, not needing me to soothe her.

But Monday night was different. She just wouldn’t go to sleep.

We’d done the entire evening just like we always do, dinner, play, books, ice cream, brush teeth, rub back, go to sleep. Everything was like always except that last step. She wouldn’t go to sleep.

I tried everything. I tried taking her to her bed, laying down in the room with her for ten minutes. I tried leaving her in the room by herself. When I went up to put something away after leaving her upstairs by herself for ten minutes, I caught her scampering back to her room, very much aware that she wasn’t supposed to be out of bed.

I tried letting her lay on the recliner downstairs while I rubbed/scratched her back.

What finally worked was all of us just going to bed at 9:30. With all the lights in the house off and everyone going to sleep, that seemed to reset O’s clock and she was asleep in about two minutes of everyone settling in.

Whenever Alyssa has trouble falling asleep, I know something is on her mind and we talk about it in the dark. She confides her worries and I soothe them and she falls asleep.

I asked O if something was bothering her but she just whispered, “I just love you so much.”

Okay then.

Last night she fell asleep by 8:30 with nary a moment of fussing from either of us.

I will probably never figure that girl out.

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