Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thanks A Lot Brady Bunch

There is an episode in season 2 of The Brady Bunch where Carol and Cindy have to have their tonsils removed.

Olivia has watched the episode three times in the past two days. She has become obsessed with tonsils.

Remember when Alyssa had her tonsils out? Yeah, Olivia doesn’t either. She’s asked to see the pictures we have of Alyssa before and after the surgery. She’s asked to see these pictures at least twice a day all this week.

Some of the questions she’s asked since her first viewing of The Brady Bunch episode last Sunday afternoon:

“What do tonsils do?” I don’t know.
“Why do we even have tonsils?” I don’t know.
“Where are you tonsils?” At the back of your throat.
“What do tonsils look like?” I don’t know.
“Can I see my tonsils?” Not really.
“Do I still have tonsils?” Yes.
“Do you still have your tonsils?” Yes.
“Does Daddy still have his tonsils?” Yes.
“Why did Lyssie have to get her tonsils out?” Because she kept getting sick with strep throat.
“What did the doctor do with Lyssie’s tonsils after he took them out?” Um, he threw them away?
“Will I have to have my tonsils taken out?” I hope not, you’ve never had tonsillitis or strep throat, so maybe not.
“Do you need your tonsils?” I guess not, since lots of people have theirs taken out.
“Why does Lyssie look like that in the picture of her after she had her tonsils out?” Because she’d just had surgery and her throat hurt and the doctor had given her medicine.
“Where was I when Lyssie had her tonsils out?” At school.
“Why wasn’t Lyssie at school that day?” Because she had to have her tonsils taken out.

She’s driving me crazy with all this talk about tonsils. I am glad she’s curious but…well, Olivia can obsess and that’s what she’s doing right now with the tonsil talk.

Still, I try to find my inner Carol Brady and answer each question, even if it’s being asked for the seven gazillionth time.

Though I could do to emulate Carol’s patience and kindness with her kids, I draw the line at telling my girls not to use the word ‘stinker’. Greg called Bobby a stinker at one point and Carol said gently, “Greg, you know I don’t like that word.”

Are you kidding me? Stinker? I muttered, “It’s not like he called Bobby a little shit.”

Sadly for me (hilariously for her) Alyssa heard me. She laughed so hard she almost fell off her chair and then, when she could breathe again, she said, “I love you and your bad attitude.”

Yeah. I’ve got to work on that, I’m thinking.

Olivia piped up with, “Did you say shed?”

Alyssa laughed again as I answered, “Yeah, that’s what I said.”

Olivia gave it a little thought and then asked, “Why is that a bad word?”

I was ready for that one. “I don’t know,” I replied, “but if Carol thinks stinker is bad, she probably thinks calling your brother a shed is bad too.”

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Julie said...

HAHA! I'm laughing out loud right now at Bobby being a little shed.