Wednesday, December 23, 2015

To Even Things Out

Okay, so that last post was…um, cranky. Sorry about that. The Walmarts does that to me every single time. I should really just stop going there. Alas, it’s so convenient so I will probably not stop shopping there.


But the Christmas spirit truly is alive and well in my heart. I have my Grinchy moments but I’m trying over here.

Okay, so I was cranky last night when I had to wash the dinner dishes even though I didn’t even eat dinner. There was a bit of muttering and perhaps a little tossing of forks into the utensil bin. Not loud enough to elicit attention from the three family members who DID eat dinner but did not bother to wash the dishes but with just enough force to relieve a little bit of my frustration at the entire situation.

But then when I went to bed, I gave myself a stern talking-to.

I reminded me that while I didn’t eat, Tom did feed Olivia so that right there kind of evens out the evening chores because that child can still be a lot of work, I tell you.

Then I told myself to calm the heck down and remember that all is well in our world. We’re lucky to have enough food in our home for those who want to eat. We’re lucky enough to have a house and fuel to run our furnace (which probably won’t run today since the temps are supposed to be in the mid-60s today.)

I think my Christmas spirit might be a little smothered by the headache that has been plaguing me all week. This freaky weather is doing a number on my stupid head.

On the bright side, I actually didn’t wake up with a headache this morning. Go me!

Most of the girls’ presents are wrapped. All of my shopping is DONE and hey, that’s always a nice thing to be able to say (write?). I still have to wrap Tom’s gifts and the things we got for his older kids and the grandkids but we aren’t going to see them until the day after Christmas, so I have all the time in the world!

The girls help my spirit a lot with their excitement, their joy at the lights, the decorations, the PRESENTS. We’ve been watching movies and singing carols and if Alyssa isn’t on her tablet or the computer, she’s playing her flute, which is great in that she’s practicing and well, let’s just say she’s only been playing for two years and so…I’m so glad she enjoys practicing so much. Yes, I am.

All in all, everything is well in the Ordinary household. We’re lucky to have each other. We’re lucky to be together and I like to think we all know this. Which is, of course, another lucky thing.

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