Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Olivia has strep throat…again. It’s been less than a month since her last bout.

We saw our family doctor yesterday for a referral to the ENT. Her tonsils need to come out. It’s just time.

I keep reminding myself that Alyssa as O’s age when her tonsils came out and in the ensuing four years, she’s had strep throat all of NO times. I asked Lyss a few days ago if she’s even had a sore throat at all since her tonsils were removed and she said she had, but only when she’d sung too much or make a weird sound that scratched at her throat. She’s a nutball.

We’re scheduled to see the ENT on Tuesday, May 10th to discuss a tonsillectomy. In the time between now and then, I get to go to our local Urgent Care and get O’s records for the past year to prove to insurance that this surgery is necessary.

It’s necessary. We need to get this done because she needs to not have strep running around in her little body.

I remember the guilt I felt when Lyss was recovering from surgery. I remember those days as she suffered from the pain of the surgery and we suffered from her breath. I remember wondering if I’d made the right decision to have her tonsils removed.

Four years later? It was the right decision and it’s right for Olivia now too.

I’m hoping we can keep her healthy from now until her consult with the ENT. She’s on her fourth day of a five day course of antibiotics. She’s very obviously feeling better and for that I’m incredibly grateful.

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