Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Track Meet

How do I describe the misery that is a track meet being held at a track in the middle of open fields on a day where the high might have gotten to a balmy 51 degrees?

Oh, should I also mention that this meet happened on a Monday following an extremely wet, rainy weekend?

Yeah. So not only were we all shivering and trying to find that one spot in front of a lone pine tree that might be out of the wind, we were also standing on soggy grass that was one step away from being pure, disgusting mud.

Alyssa competed in three events. These events happened in this order:

High jump at 4:45

100 yard sprint at 5:15

800 meter run at 6:30

That’s a lot of standing around and waiting, for her and for us.

We finally left the track at 7:08 and headed for the nearest McD’s because not only was Alyssa tired and freezing, she was starving.

A bonus for the evening? Olivia stayed home with Tom. We’re a divide and conquer kind of family. I stood outside and froze for three hours while he stayed home and dealt with Olivia and her homework/yellow slip/being silly. In the end, I think we were equally miserable.

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Julie said...

I'm happy that Alyssa has found something new that she enjoys! She's definitely more athletic than I am.