Monday, April 11, 2016

Remember the Good

We had a pretty good weekend. There were a lot more laughs than yells and, better yet, there were no tears this weekend. That’s always a win in my book.

Sure, there where whines while out buying groceries. Both girls’ feet hurt by the end of the trip. Those kids need to toughen up!

But there was also lunch at our newly re-opened Dairy Queen (Alyssa declared that it is HI-TECH thanks to the fancy-schmancy coke dispensers) and shoe shopping and a visit to the library.

We played The Game of Life on Saturday evening and Olivia was delighted when I offered her a wife instead of a husband. She snatched up that option faster than you can say, “Payday!”

She was also thrilled when she landed on the very last option for having more kids and got to add twin girls to her car. She debated for some time (like a minute or two, which seems like forever when you’re playing a board game with a nine year old) on whether or not her twins were conjoined. In the end, she went with identical but not conjoined.

Later that night, after Lyss and I watched a couple of episodes of the second season of Z Nation (zombie babies are just…I can’t even with the zombie babies!) I was trying to rouse Olivia from the couch so we could all go sleep comfortably in our beds.

I knelt over her and was saying, “Come on, Honey. Come on, let’s go to bed.”

I said this several times in the most irritating voice and then realized just how I sounded and said with a laugh, “Wow, that is so annoying.”

I finally got O on her feet and started ‘walking’ her toward the stairs. She stopped in the middle of the living room and actually leaned back against my supporting arm, her body stiff, as if, in her sleep, she was refusing to take one more step.

At that point, I laughed, “This is just so stupid.”

Alyssa was already on the stairs and almost fell over with laughter. I got Olivia walking again (I am not carrying that kid anymore. She weighs 70 pounds!) and we made our way up to bed where Olivia tried to climb into my bed before steered her toward her own.

I know I should be taking her to bed each night before she falls asleep but sometimes, like on a Saturday night, it just doesn’t happen. I don’t care that much and so neither should any other judgy-pants. Just saying.

Alyssa was still giggling in her bed as I tucked O in. She (Lyss) kept saying over and over, “It’s just so stupid!” For some reason, she found that comment too funny.

I’m glad they think I’m funny. I hope I’m funny more often than I’m grouchy or tired or sad.

I want their memories to be more about funny stuff than anything else.

Sure, I want them to remember that I was real, that I struggled to be the best mom I could be but I hope I succeed more than I fail. I hope that’s what they remember.

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Julie said...

Is that the "new" game of Life or the kind we had when we were kids? I hate the new one.