Monday, February 6, 2017

Nice Lunch!

So I’m sitting at my desk at work, minding my own business, eating my lunch, hoping for ten minutes of peace and quiet.

I suppose I should have shut the door if I REALLY wanted peace and quiet. But because I’m, well, stupid, I didn’t shut the door and that meant that every single person who passed my office had to comment on my lunch.

One such co-worker happened to be passing by as I was taking a bit of my Big Mac (not the giant mac or whatever it's called, just a normal, regular old big mac.) and he stopped to say, "Nice lunch!"

His tone told me he thought my lunch was unacceptable for adult consumption. Then he chortled as he walked away. Asshole.

Why? Why do people do this? How is it any of their business what I’m eating?

I mean, please, it was a stupid Big Mac and fries because, damn it, I was hungry and sometimes you just need the comfort food that only McD’s can give you.

I don’t bother people when they’re eating because it’s RUDE to do so. I never comment on someone else’s food choice. Because, again, it’s rude!

People make me crazy. I need a job where I can just be alone…like always. I’m really not fit for human interaction these days anyway. This was just one more example of that.


Julie said...

We have discussed this many times. I hate when people think this is okay. Now, I have been known to say "that smells good" or "that looks delicious" but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't go for anything negative. Uhm, okay, I admit I have said, "what is that smell?" So maybe it's good I don't have a job anymore.

Tommie said...

Yes! It's actually perfectly nice to tell someone that their meal smells good but to actually stop and say something obnoxious about someone else's food...come on!

Though I am sensitive to smells, so I might have been known to stop and give a grimace if I smell something especially noxious. I hope I haven't offended anyone with that...