Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Eyeball Update

Olivia did amazingly well at her eyeball appointment yesterday. She answered questions (in whispers, but still, they were answers that the examiner could hear and understand!), she sat still when she was asked to do so and when it became apparent that she wasn’t going to respond to the male doctor, he just shrugged and said there were other ways to figure this stuff out.

From the start, the female assistant said O appeared to have fairly blurry vision.

After the doctor was finished, he declared her vision at 20/400. That’s where my vision was when I had Lasik eye surgery back in 2008. So I know how bad her vision it. It’s bad, like really bad.

She also has astigmatism in each eye. How bad the astigmatism is wasn’t really explained but it’s there.

Other than that, her eyes look healthy, thank goodness.

Her new glasses will be ready in two weeks. I can’t wait for her to be able to see, to really see what is all around her.

And get this, I’m not wallowing in mommy guilt over not knowing that she needed glasses. She’s done the vision test each year and this was the first year the nurse called with concerns. We moved on this concern as soon as it was voiced to us.

We don’t know what we don’t know. You know?

And now that we know, we’re doing what we can to fix it for her. It’s what we do. And it’s okay that we don’t know everything. We keep on trying, keep on doing our best and after an eyeball appointment, you buy your kids some fries and DQ Arctic Rushes in neon blue because it was just one of those days. Fries and artificially flavored crushed ice always make everything better.

And for the record, Olivia is way excited to be getting glasses. I’m writing this here so I can look back and laugh at myself the first and twenty-first time she loses/breaks/refuses to wear her glasses. Because we all know those things will happen and we’ll get through that too.

Look at me, all zen and crap.

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Julie said...

I'm excited for her to be able to see!!

And man, I didn't even think to feel guilty when Riley's school called to tell me she needed glasses. And I feel guilty that I didn't feel guilty. HAHA