Thursday, September 11, 2014

She Ate

Yesterday I called home as I walked to my car to see if we needed anything before I made the drive home. Before we hung up, I asked Tom how O’s lunch with her teacher went.

He declared, “She ate everything but two crackers.”

She ate. At school. Everything but two crackers.

My child ate her lunch at school and I wasn’t there urging her to take one more bite.

Last year she ate her lunch three times. I was able to go to her school three times to have lunch with her and those were the times she ate.

Yesterday, she ate her lunch.

Yes, she was in a quiet classroom with just her teacher but this is huge. This is awesome.

This is worthy of mommy tears.

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Julie said...

YAY!!!!!! What amazing news! I hope her teacher went home with an amazing sense of accomplishment.