Thursday, September 4, 2014

Just Peeing

I know all moms out there will get this but…it drives me insane that I cannot pee in peace.

The minute I get home from work, I hug and kiss Tom and the girls, I rinse out my lunch dishes and then I go upstairs to use the bathroom.

Every single time, Olivia follows me up the stairs.

This wouldn’t be that big a deal if she didn’t feel the need to stand RIGHT IN FRONT of me as I sit on the toilet, trying to pee.

She’s usually telling a Mush Mush story or something and yes, it’s awesome that she’s telling me stories that come from her very own imagination but my moment of urination won’t take more than a few seconds, can’t Mush Mush’s story wait? Just a few minutes?


Later in the evening, after dinner, when it’s time for jammies and books, I might again try to sneak upstairs for a potty break. Olivia seems to have some sort of ESP for when I’m peeing because the instant I sit down, she’s scampering up the stairs.

She’ll come into the bathroom, stand six inches from my knees and say, “Hi.”

Sometimes, I say hi back. Other times I mutter, “I’m just peeing. Can you go find Daddy for two minutes? I’ll be right down.”

More often than not, she grins at me, leans against the wall opposite the toilet and waits for me to be done so we can go down the stairs together.

Peeing in private is overrated, anyway. At least, that’s what I tell myself when O placed her soft, small hand in mine as we leave the bathroom after yet another group pee session. Someday…I’ll miss these moments.

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