Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We'll See

So yes, the school called me again a week or so ago. This time, it was the school nurse. She’s lovely.

She was calling to tell me that she was worried about Olivia’s vision. See, Nurse B had tried to give O a vision test twice in the past couple of weeks and while Olivia did fine on the first two lines, she just looked away after that. She did this both times.

This is not Nurse B’s first interaction with Olivia. She knows Olivia can be stubborn. But O has done well in the past few years (remember, this is her fourth year at this school) and so Nurse B didn’t want to just chalk it up to stubbornness.

She admitted that it could very well be that, but she’d feel better if we took Olivia to an optometrist to have her vision tested by a professional.

I assured her I’d get O in as soon as possible and that I’d let her know how the exam went. She hung up happy that she’d called.

From the time Olivia was an infant, her right eye has kind of ‘wandered’ when she gets tired. Sometimes, if the camera catches just the right moment, her eye can still look a little wonky.

But we had her seen when she was about two and a half by an eye specialist in Indianapolis who declared her fine.

So, we’ll find out this afternoon.

As soon as Nurse B and I hung up I called the practice I used to see back when I wore glasses. My first question was if they could test the vision of stubborn children.

When I was assured that they could, I went on to say that my daughter has special needs, she can be non-verbal when she chooses and she might be a difficult patient.

I was again assured that they’d be able to test her just fine.

The appointment was made and here we are, counting down the hours until Tom brings O to me so I can take her to her appointment.

She asked him this morning if today was “Eyeball Day.” It took me a minute to figure out what she meant.

When I told her about the appointment, she got a gleam in her eye. I think she might actually WANT glasses.

Tom, on the other hand, dreads Olivia getting glasses. He’s picturing loads of broken glasses. Olivia is quite the tumbler. I assured him we’d figure it out, if she does end up needing glasses.

Honestly, I think she’d be adorable in glasses. But I do worry about having to make her wear them on her more stubborn days.

We’ll see. One way or the other, we’ll know in a few hours.

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