Monday, October 6, 2014

New Glasses

I picked up Olivia’s new glasses last Friday after work. I wondered how Olivia would do with her new glasses. I worried she’d constantly pull them off her face, put them down somewhere, try to flip with them on. You know, all the crap that can and does happen when kids wear glasses.

When I got home and pulled them out for her to try on, she was almost vibrating with excitement.

I let her put them on and asked her if they helped her see.

She stood there for a minute, looking around. She pulled the glasses down her nose so she could look over them. Then she slid them back up and gasped as she looked out the window at the tree in our front yard.

“Everything looks different,” she said in awe.

We asked if she meant different good or different bad. She shrugged and said, “Just different.”

But after a weekend of her wearing her glasses, I’m going to go with different good because I didn’t have to nag her even once to put her glasses back on. She wore them from the minute she woke up to the minute she laid down to go to sleep.

My dad came over that night and he was happy to see Olivia at her most animated. She ran around the room, danced, sang and talked almost non-stop. He didn’t realize how well she speaks because she’s usually so quiet when he’s there.

Tom is very worried about keeping the glasses on her face. He wants me to find some kind of strap to go behind her head to keep them on her.

My mom declared that to be a horrible idea because she thinks it will make Olivia look like a dork (that’s a quote from Gram.)

I decided to wait and see. The glasses have fallen off her face twice so far. Once while at Kohl’s because some clothes hit her in the face. The other time was when she was putting on a crown and had her head tipped forward to get her hair just right.

I know. What can I say, she’s a princess through and through. Example of her princess tendencies: Her glasses frames are purple. She insisted on wearing purple all weekend so that her clothes would match her glasses.

I hope she continues to like them, to be cooperative about wearing them and be as confident as she has been so far.

I’ve talked up how cute they are, how great it is that she can see and how much I love seeing her wearing them.

I wore glasses for about a thousand years (okay, so it was more like 26 years, WHATEVER!) and I hated them most of the time, except for the fact that they helped me see.

But I never had glasses that make me look this cute:

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