Thursday, October 2, 2014


As she approaches the grand old age of eight, Olivia is finding her voice more and more.

And it turns out her voice is very, VERY sassy.

Last night Tom brought in a small watermelon that he’d grown under one of our apple trees. The melons that grew in that spot turned out quite small this year. I asked him if they were supposed to be individual sized watermelons and he said they weren’t, they were just stunted. But the melons themselves have managed to ripen anyway, even though they were the size of softballs.

I should mention that last night was the third night in a row that he brought in one of these melons. When he called Olivia to the table for her to eat some of the melon she stood where she was in the family room, put her hands on her hips and informed him, “Dad! I do not have to eat that every night.”

He managed to not laugh and replied, “I know you don’t but we have it tonight and I want you to eat some.”

She sighed. “I don’t have to eat it every night!” she repeated even as she started walking toward the kitchen table.

I think she took about three bites before informing him that she was done and didn’t want to even be offered watermelon tomorrow night.

She’s got opinions and isn’t afraid to share them. I love that about her.

This morning we were going about our morning business. I showed her the clothes I’d laid out for her the night before. She informed me, “I want a shirt with REAL sparkles.”

Okay then. The shirt I’d originally picked out was black with flecks of color throughout. It was cute but definitely not sparkly.

I decided it would take longer to argue with her than to just go get her a shirt with real sparkles.

Two minutes later, she was thrilled with her sparkles and ready to head down to breakfast.

I know. I probably shouldn’t indulge her sassiness but I feel like we’re so lucky that she has a voice, I want her to use it, I want to hear all the thoughts going on in her head and I want to encourage her to share her opinions with us.

As far as she’s come, I never want to try and muffle that awesome voice of hers.

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