Monday, February 2, 2015

A Snow Adventure

So we got a little snow this weekend. I think the last count came in at ten and a half inches. It started snowing at about 11pm on Saturday night and it continued to snow and blow into Sunday evening.

Tom was outside shoveling pretty much all day Sunday. He knew he couldn’t get ahead of the snow, he just wanted to keep up with it as much as he could.

Each time he’d go out, Olivia would ask if she could go out too.

Tom and I would tell her how cold it was and that it was better to wait until today to go out and play in the drifts.

She was persistent, though and we finally agreed to bundle her up and send her out with Tom.

She lasted ten whole minutes before declaring that her face (the only part of her that was exposed) was freezing.

Tom brought her inside where I de-bundled her and then made her some hot chocolate to warm her up. She asked if she could pretend her hot chocolate was coffee and invited her dad to sit with her at the table with his own coffee.

He was happy to have coffee with his youngest child and they spent a good twenty minutes conversing over ‘coffee.’

She thanked him for taking her on a snow adventure and he thanked her for having coffee with him. At the end of their coffee date, they both had a breath mint; you know, because of the ‘coffee’ breath they both had.

What was I doing during their snow adventure? I was baking. I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen. I made a strawberry pie (requested by Tom), a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies (requested by Olivia) and a cake (requested by Alyssa.) I also made a batch of triple chocolate chip cookies because, well, everyone likes those.

I didn’t feel even an ounce of guilt over not going out and taking a turn at shoveling. Baking is hard work too…at least, that’s what I told Tom. He didn’t bother to contradict me as he ate a piece of pie.

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