Monday, February 9, 2015

Saturday Outfits

The last three Saturdays when we head upstairs to get dressed for our day out, Olivia has declared that she needs a “Saturday Outfit.”

By Saturday Outfit, she means she does not want to wear something she’d wear to school. Oh no. Instead she wants to go to the toy room where all her ‘dress up’ clothes are hanging.

Three weeks ago she chose to wear her Elsa dress to town. She got all kinds of compliments. She is a beautiful Elsa, after all.

Then, two weeks ago, she chose her Tinkerbell costume. I made her wear a long sleeved white shirt under the Tinkerbell top and tights under the skirt but she was still a delightful fairy all day long, though wings were nixed because they annoyed her while she was in her car seat.

This past Saturday, she rocked a majorette costume. It was purple with gold sequins. Because it is February and we live far above the equator, she agreed (because she had not choice) to wear a lavender turtle neck and tights under the outfit.

Again, she was complimented on her choice of attire everywhere we went. Alyssa begged Olivia to keep her coat on, alas, her pleas fell on deaf ears. Olivia couldn’t wait to show off her fashion sense.

I let her wear these things on Saturdays because, well, who cares? We see strangers all day long. These strangers either think I’m a ditzy mom who is a pushover or they think I’m a fun mom who lets her child make creative choices in the name of fun and whimsy.

Honestly, I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks of O’s Saturday outfits. She loves them, she loves the smiles and comments she gets. She loves feeling pretty and being creative. It makes me happy to see her happy.

During the week I make her wear school-approved clothes. Pants and tunics and shoes and socks. The weekends are her chance to rock out, fairy out, princess out. I’m all for her having fun with it.

And I remind Alyssa all day long that once upon a time, like when she was eight, she chose to wear footie pajamas to town most weekends. I never stomped over her freedom of expression, so she can just shut it when it comes to her sister’s.


Julie said...

I read a blog recently about a mom who let her son pick out her clothes for a week. Some of his choices were hysterical but she said that no one even batted an eye at her.

Julie said...

There was a little girl at the gym last night in a fairy outfit. It made me think of you guys. Last week she was dressed as Elsa. I mentioned to the mom how cute she looked and she said, "She's five. I let her pick out her clothes every time, as long as it is weather appropriate."