Monday, February 23, 2015

Playing Favorites

It may seem, when reading the stories I share here, that I favor Olivia over Alyssa. I know I share way more about O than I do about A.

There’s actually a reason behind that, a reason that has nothing to do with my favoring my younger daughter over my older daughter.

It’s just the fact that Alyssa is growing up. She’s building her own on-line presence and I these days I want to respect her privacy as much as I can as an over-sharing mother who adores her children and thinks the rest of the world must think they’re as awesome as she does.

But I know that Alyssa and her friends are on-line more and more these days and I don’t want to share things that might embarrass her should one of her friends find this blog.

I suppose they could google Alyssa Ordinary and find all kinds of things she doesn’t want them to know but at least the most current stories are more amusing than embarrassing, at least as far as I’m concerned.

These days I do ask her before I write about a specific story that involves her. Usually she’ll roll her eyes good-naturedly and then say, “Sure,” when I asked if I can blog about something.

She’s one of the good ones and I want her to always know that I think that. I also want her to know that I respect her need to keep some things to herself and that’s the main reason stories starring Alyssa J. Ordinary are fewer and further between these days.

Olivia K. Ordinary, on the other hand, is only eight and still very much my baby, which means her stories are all up for grabs by the one called Mumzy in our house.

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