Monday, September 28, 2015

My Face Lies

There must have been something about my face last weekend that said, “Talk to me, I care!”

Because of this apparent sign on my forehead, the women manning the drive thru windows at our local Wendy’s chose to vent their troubles to me in the fifteen seconds I had to spend with each of them.

We’d stopped at Wendy’s because the girls wanted Frosties. I get them as we’re heading to the grocery store and they eat them while we shop.

When I first pulled up to the speaker at the drive thru, the voice said, “One moment please.”

Okay, no biggie. We waited. The voice came back and tried to interest us in a combo. I replied, “No thank you, we’d just like two small vanilla Frosties, please.”

She told me the total and asked me to drive up to the first window.

I did just that. When I got there, the woman inside the window hissed, “I have to take the orders AND the money today!”

“Oh,” I said, startled by the venom in her voice. “I’m sorry you’re having a tough day.”

“Yeah,” she went on. “It’s a bunch of shit! I don’t get to leave until five this afternoon. I was supposed to come in at ten but we had a morning meeting at nine thirty and so I’ve been here since seven thirty. And I haven’t even had a break.”

Okay then. Since I didn’t have any change coming, I put the car in gear and said, “Well, I hope your day gets better.”

Then I turned to Alyssa, who was in the front passenger seat and rolled my eyes.

We pulled up to the second window to get the Frosties. At that point, the woman in charge of giving out the food handed the Frosties out to me. She was slightly out of breath.

“Sorry!” she said as she gave me a couple of spoons. “I had to walk all the way over to the Frosty machine to get these for you.”

“Thank you!” I called out and then we drove away before she could tell me anything else.

Alyssa laughed. “What is it, like ten feet from the window to the Frosty machine?”

“I know!” I said, laughing too. “What was wrong with those women? And does my face say, ‘Talk to me, I care?’ Because if it does, my face LIES!”

This caused Alyssa to fall into a fit of laughter that almost made her drop her Frosty.

I’m all for caring about our fellow (wo)man but damn, those ladies needed an intervention. Or maybe a vacation.


Kandi Ann said...

Maybe one has a sick child at home and is overwhelmed and the other has cancer and walking is hard for her. xoxoxo.

Kandi Ann said...

though if I were number Ones boss, I would have fired her for cussing. sorry, that was wrong.