Tuesday, September 29, 2015

When It Rains the Bees Sting

Olivia was out of school three days last week with Strep. She was diagnosed on Monday evening at Urgent Care, sent off with me to get a prescription for an antibiotic and then home to spend Tuesday through Thursday on the couch with her dad.

We sent her to school on Friday with soft foods in her lunch because this bout of strep messed up her poor mouth. She had a sore under her tongue, another on the upper left inside of her cheek; her gums were raw but never quite bloody. It was awful.

I had her rinse her mouth every evening with a mix of peroxide and Benadryl (a suggestion from the Urgent Care doctor) and then with salt water (a suggestion from Liv’s Gram.)

As of yesterday, the sores were mostly healed, thank goodness. Because, ugh! Mouth sores are gross. Oh, and they make it hard to eat because, yes, sores. She’s eating much better these days and not just cream of chicken soup and applesauce, so there’s that.

So I was happy as I went home last night thinking that I’d be greeted by a couple of happy, healthy girls.

Instead, as I pulled into the driveway, I found a sobbing Olivia. She was crying because she’d run from the barn to the garage to meet me and Orville, that silly cat, had run with her and he terrifies her. She was so upset at his mere presence that I had to hold her for ten minutes just to calm her pounding heart.

Once she’d settled a bit, she told me she’d been stung by a bee that day while at recess.

This is the second time this year she’s been stung during recess at school.

I would REALLY like it if the school would do something about the bees, obviously.

I mean, come on! We just got this kid over freaking strep throat and she comes home with a bee sting.

I put some baking soda on her hand, gave her a dose of Benadryl and we went about our evening.

This morning when she woke up, Olivia showed me her hand. It was swollen, red and hot. Yikes! We put some Benadryl cream on it and then I gave her some more Benadryl liquid in hopes of counteracting her reaction to the sting.

I also sent her teacher a note, letting her know that O’s hand was swollen from the bee sting (THAT SHE RECEIVED AT SCHOOL!) and she’d probably have trouble writing that day.

Sigh. My poor baby can’t seem to catch a break. First strep, then bees and finally, a terrifying encounter with Orville. She needs to be swaddled in bubble wrap and put on a high shelf where she’s out of danger of infection, bees and cats.

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