Thursday, September 10, 2015

That Day I Stayed Home

Remember how last Wednesday I stayed home from work because Olivia had a dentist appointment? Yeah, that day. I too the entire day off even though her appointment was at 9:40 and only lasted a half hour. The dentist told me O would need to stay home from school the entire day and I figured I’d just stay home with her.

I kind of vaguely thought maybe I’d get a load of laundry done or maybe even clean out my closet.

Hahahaha. Right.

As noted Olivia cried the entire way home. She’d finally gotten herself under control as we pulled into our garage. At that point, she just wanted to sit next to me for a bit and continue to calm down.

After fifteen minutes or so, she decided she was hungry and really wanted some cream of chicken soup. Ahhh, Campbell’s how we love you and your delicious, instant soups.

I heated a can of soup up for her (on the STOVE, not in the microwave, Wonder Mom here, thank you very much.)

And then, yes, I sat in front of her and fed her, spoonful by spoonful, until the first bowl was empty. Then she asked for more. In the end, she ate the contents of an entire can of soup. Good eating, there, right?

Then she asked if we had any Jello. Which, yes, we did have some. So I fed her a bowl of that too.

All of that took about forty-five minutes. Then we laid on the couch together. I hoped she’d take a nap. I kind of wanted to take one with her.

It didn’t happen.

I don’t know where the rest of the day went but the time between when I finished feeding Olivia her soup and Jello and when Alyssa got home seemed just fly by. I used that time to, I don’t know, peruse Facebook, take pictures of Olivia post-dental procedure and post them on said F-book and, wow, I think I laid on the couch some more.

There was no folding of laundry, there was no sweeping of the kitchen floor. No closets were cleaned and no carpets were vacuumed. I might have washed a sink full of dishes but even that is up for debate.

I wonder if I were home every day if I’d get more done each day. I can’t be sure. I’d like to try, though.

Alas, that is probably not ever going to happen. We need my income and the insurance my job provides.

Poor me.

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