Thursday, August 18, 2016


The first day of school, that is.

Yep, the girls were supposed to have their first day of school today.

Fortunately for them…unfortunately for their dad, the day dawned very, VERY foggy and school was delayed two hours.

Then, an hour into the two hour delay, we got the call/text…school is cancelled due to the weather. I am sitting at my desk at work imagining the celebrating going on by two thirds of my family while the last third is probably weeping into his coffee.

Tom’s great about having the girls around during the summer. As they get older and more capable of taking care of themselves (for the most part) his work is easing but still, they have to have minimal supervision throughout the day and he can’t just decide one morning to head off to an auction if they’re at home with him.

So yes, he was excited about the start of school…and here we are, with the first day CANCELLED due to fog. Poor guy.

I say this as I laughed and laughed when the call/text came in letting us know about the cancellation. Because yeah, I’m at work, doing my thing, NOT having my day interrupted by two giggly, needy, loud girls.

On the bright side, we got to practice our morning routine today and we ROCKED it all the way down to the heart that Olivia’s braids created on the back of her head, which, of course, match the rainbow heart on her shirt. Tomorrow she’s determined to wear one of her Monster High t-shirts. We’ll see if she requests Draculaura pigtails.

And we got a cute 'first day of school' picture, even if the school day itself was cancelled.

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Julie said...

Love those faces. They make me smile!!