Monday, August 29, 2016

School Pictures

We have a photo wall heading up the wall of our stairway.

It’s got the girls’ school pictures, though, I have to confess, Alyssa’s pictures start at second grade because, well, we moved into our current house three days before she started second grade and, well, her kindergarten and first grade pictures are still in a box somewhere in the garage. Sigh…mom/wife fail number one…

But yeah, we have her pictures from second grade on up on the wall. O’s pictures are up there too, starting with preschool and going up to second grade.

This year’s school pictures are being taken this week.

I realized yesterday that I hadn’t yet put up last year’s pictures…fail number two…

Yes, I know in the grand scheme of things hanging pictures, or NOT hanging pictures really isn’t that big a deal.

But I kind of wanted to get last year’s pictures up before this year’s pictures were taken, so I found the frames I’d bought last year around this time…mom triumph number one…and put the pictures in them. Then I hammered a couple of nails into the wall and up the pictures went.

Olivia supervised the entire process and declared me a master picture hanger.

After last week during which I felt like every single second of every single day was a major fail I’ll take being a master at anything at all.


Julie said...

Mom fail here - There have been years that I haven't even ORDERED school pictures much less frame them or hang them. So you are a champion!

Tommie said...

Ha! We've stopped ordering the spring pictures and just get the fall pictures, which are the more 'traditional' ones.