Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Catch Up

With a vacation last week and school looming on the horizon, I’ve been lax here.

The girls and I along with my mom, my nephew Jaxon and Alyssa’s friend Amelia loaded my mom’s truck and drove a couple of hours to Sandusky, Ohio where we stayed a couple of days at Cedar Point, the amusement park of the Midwest. Well, okay, so the amusement park of northern Ohio.

Fun was had by all.

My back settled pretty well once we were on the road, with nary a twinge. There was a minor dull ache in the area I hurt the most but mostly that was controlled by over the counter Aleve.

Our day at the park was pretty awesome for everyone involved. This was Amelia’s first time ever visiting Cedar Point and she took it all in. She’s a bit more adventurous that Alyssa and wanted to ride the bigger roller coasters. Alyssa wasn’t so into it so I ended up riding Amelia’s first roller coaster with her. That was kind of awesome.

It amused me that she was more freaked out by the Ocean Motion than by the Gatekeeper. For reference, here is a picture of the Ocean Motion.

And here is a picture of the Gate Keeper.

But I get it. Not all rides are for everyone. And not everyone enjoys all rides…so there. Once we all accepted that, everyone relaxed a bit and had that much more fun.

We walked miles that day. I wish I’d had a pedometer or fitbit or whatever so I could say exactly how much we walked but I can say that the next morning my entire body hurt from all the movement. But it was a good hurt this time, a pain that meant we’d moved and exercised and had a blast.

I think maybe, for me at least, that’s what vacation is supposed to be. We’re supposed to have so much fun that we hurt the next day. We’re supposed to walk so far and so much that we have blisters on our feet and we fall into bed when the sun finally goes down.

It works for us…for now. And if/when it stops working? We’ll change it up and find something new that works.

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Julie said...

Your vacation sounds lovely!! Someday, somehow...we will meet you there and Riley can refuse to ride rides. HAHA