Monday, September 26, 2016


I don’t know where she discovered it, but Olivia has decided that the chevron pattern is her very favorite pattern ever.

In fact, she wishes I’d named Alyssa Chevron so that we could call Alyssa “Chevy” or “Ronni”. This is all much to Alyssa’s annoyance and mild disgust. But then, these days most of what her sister and I laugh about annoys/disgusts Alyssa, which is all the more reason for us to laugh about those very things.

We found Olivia a black and white chevron patterned dress a couple of weeks ago. She discovered she already has a pink/white/pink chevron shirt and she’s on the lookout for anything else that happens to be in any color of what she believes to be the best pattern ever invented.

Have I mentioned lately that Olivia amuses me more than ever these days? She’s funny, exasperating, sweet, infuriating, delightful and incredibly argumentative all at the same time.

We came across a shirt last weekend (it was in the men’s section at Walmart) that described Olivia so perfectly that if it had come in an xx-small, I’d have bought the darned thing and told her I found it in the girls’ department.

It said, “I’m not arguing, I’m explaining how I’m right.”

That’s Olivia right there. This kid argues about arguing. Some days it’s hysterical, some days maddening. All days, I’m lucky she’s mine and that she’s here to drive us crazy with humor one minute and irritation the next.

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