Thursday, September 8, 2016

Obsessions - Old and New

Alyssa is still very much into her obsession with Pentatonix. She calls herself a Pentaholic, which is what all rabid fans of Pentatonix call themselves. She’s very proud to be a Pentaholic. She stalks their Instagram accounts, their Twitter feeds, their Youtube channels, waiting desperately for a new post, tweet, upload.

She asked me last night what I was obsessed with when I was her age.

And…I don’t remember. Is that sad or normal? I mean, I’ve lived 32 years of life since I was thirteen. I’ve been through high school, college, my twenties, parenting two newborns (the sleep deprivation…I feel like I’m still swimming toward the surface from the YEARS of sleep deprivation) and thirteen years of marriage. I just don’t remember that thirteen year old me obsessed over, thought about, dreamed of.

I finally told her that was probably something on TV that had all my attention. I didn’t really get into music until well into adulthood. I did tell her that I wanted to be bionic when I grew up. She laughed at my whimsy.

I love that she’s so passionate about PTX and all that goes along with being a ‘fan girl’ as she puts it. But I wonder what she’ll be passionate about in five years, ten years, twenty years. I hope I’m around to see those things, to watch her grow and see her interests evolve. If she’s still a fan girl of Pentatonix in five years, awesome. If not, I’ll sit around and listen to whatever she wants to talk about, if she even wants to talk to me about her passions then.

I can only hope.

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Julie said...

I don't think it was as easy to obsess about things when we were 13. If we loved a tv show, we had to wait until the next week to hear ANYTHING about it. We had to wait for our favorite songs on the radio. We could check magazines, newspapers or maybe Entertainment tonight for a glimpse of our faves and that was pretty much it.