Friday, September 2, 2016

Hairy Confession

Yes, Olivia’s hair was fancy yesterday. But in an effort to be transparent, I have to confess that the conversation with Alyssa regarding her hair on picture day (the day before O’s picture day) was much like Julie said in the comment on the previous post about her conversation with her daughter.

Alyssa and I discussed the pros and cons of her natural wave (pro: no work, just wash and go…con: BIG HAIR) or straightening her hair for the pictures. Con to straightening: a lot of work. Pro to straightening: smooth, sleek hair.

She ended up going with naturally BIG HAIR in fear that if she went to all the work of straightening her hair, it would probably rain and that would ruin the effect of the straightener. And there was the very real possibility that pictures would be taken after gym class and that, too, would ruin the effect of the straightener.

That Lyss is very much like her mom when it comes to beauty, low maintenance. The less work it takes to get ready each day, the better is our motto.

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Julie said...

Ha! That was our exact discussion!! Riley HATES big hair...with a passion. Can't wait to see the finished results.