Thursday, September 22, 2016

Halloween Preview

Because she’s awesome, my mom finished Olivia’s Halloween costume (Draculaura) yesterday and brought it over for Liv to try on last night.

Olivia loves it. She’s so happy with it, she’s planning to wear it on Saturday as a ‘going to town’ costume.

I reminded her that we need to try and keep it clean and stain-free until Halloween and she assured me that she’d be very careful. Ha! We’ll see.

She’s very happy with the wig I bought her for her costume. I’ve let her wear it a few times but only around the house and when she’s done wearing it, I put it back in the plastic bag came in. I’ve told her we need to keep it in decent shape until Halloween, just like the costume.

The costume is ‘just’ a white skirt, a pink vest and a white turtle neck shirt. I say ‘just’ because those things were simple for my mom to sew. If I’d tried, I’d have gone through ten yards of fabric and nothing to show for it except a broken sewing machine and traumatized children after they’d heard my swearing at the machine.

It feels good to have her costume ready. She’s so excited already. She asked me last night what I thought her classmates would wear and I told her that was part of the fun, not knowing and being surprised on the day of the Halloween party.

She nodded her agreement and then twirled away, enjoying the swirliness of the skirt her awesome Gram made her.

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Julie said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!! Riley was DracuLaura when she was younger but had no idea who she was (at the time). She just liked the costume.