Thursday, October 6, 2016

BGSU Middle School Honors Band

I got an email earlier this week congratulating me on the fact that my child had been accepted into the Bowling Green State University Middle School Honors Band.

As I read the welcoming letter, I vaguely remembered Alyssa bringing home some paperwork that she filled out and I signed requesting that her teacher write a letter of recommendation for Alyssa to apply to this very thing.

And look at her now, fully accepted.

There were more forms for me to fill out as well as a link to the site at which I could make the $65 registration payment.

I decided to go home and check with Alyssa to be sure she still wanted to do this honors band thing before forking over a non-refundable $65 dollars. I mean, if she had decided not to do it, that’s not a little (at least to me) amount of money to be leave my account for nothing.

When I got home Alyssa was so excited to share the news with me that she’d been accepted into the one-day intensive program. She told me that her band director had emphasized to those who were accepted that their parents were NOT supposed to pay the $65 registration fee, that the school’s music boosters program was going to pay for everyone.

Well, that was nice to hear.

But the best part was how much Alyssa is looking forward to this. She takes her music very seriously and is very excited.

I’m excited for her because I know it’s something she’ll take seriously and that she’d enjoy and remember fondly for years to come.

Obviously I’m very proud of her and want to continue to support her in things like this as long as it makes her happy. I love that she's willing to work so hard at this sort of thing. She admitted that she's a little bit afraid of this opportunity because it starts at 8am with rehearsals that will go throughout the whole day and end with a concert performance that evening but she's going for it because she realizes that some things are worth working very hard at in order to do them well.

She's a pretty darned awesome kid even if I do say so myself.

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Julie said...

I remember YEARS ago when you were at our house and she started plinking on the piano and Rick said then that he thought she had a lot of natural musical talent! So proud of her hard work!