Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall Fun

For the past four years, the girls and I have made a point of visiting a local farm and navigating their corn maze.

They have a wagon ride through the woods, a ‘train’ ride for the kids, which is really these weird plastic barrels with a side cut out of them on top of sets of wheels and then pulled by a tractor.

This year we invited my mom and my nephew Jaxon to go with us.

It felt like the perfect day to spend several hours outside. The sun was shining, there was a breeze blowing and it was a chilly 60ish degrees, which made jackets perfect and cozy.

As always, when we first arrive, Alyssa and Jax had to climb the stairs and go down several slides made from weird yellow piping/tile.

Olivia tried but got scared on the first landing of the stairs and I had to ‘rescue’ her. If Alyssa hadn’t already gone down the first slide, she’d have brought her sister down, she’s awesome like that. But since she was already on the ground on the other side of the apparatus, I went up the stairs to help Liv down.

Then Jaxon had to climb into the corn bin and scoop corn for a few minutes.

There were games to be played, tricycles to be ridden and let’s not forget about the maze we needed to navigate.

We finally headed for the maze with Lyss leading the way. She’s pretty good with the map.

Jax insisted on being right by her side and Liv wasn’t going to be left out so my mom trailed behind them, only giving directional advice when asked.

Alyssa rocked that maze. She OWNED it. It was really fun watching her confidently take turns and twists and backtrack when necessary. She’s just a perfectly awesome kid.

The littles (because in our world, even at eight and nine, O and J will always be The Littles) stayed right on her heels, following her blindly through the maze, trusting their hero to bring them out without any trouble at all.

After the maze, Lyss and Jax rode on the ‘train’. It was adorable.

Then we took the hayride through the woods. It was the perfect length, long enough to be worth the wait but not so long that two year old Connor (Jaxon’s little brother) got bored with it.

After the hayride, we wandered around a little longer, bought some gourds, my mom bought a beautiful bluish purple mum and then we headed home.

I’m thinking all three kids slept well that night. But I wouldn’t know because they spent the night at Gram’s. Which, of course, means I slept incredibly well because there were no calls of “Mom!” through the night.

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