Monday, October 3, 2016

Staring Down October

I realized this weekend that October is booked. We’re not that family that has something going on every single weekend. We don’t have activities each evening throughout the week either.

We’re all homebodies and are happiest when we have nowhere to be and no one expecting us.

But somehow October weekends became booked when I wasn’t looking.

This past weekend, Alyssa had an All-County band concert. She was amazing and loved the whole process. She gets such a kick out of making music and performing. She very much enjoys it when her teacher points her out as a perfectionist who practices hard to do as well as she does.

So yeah, our usual Sunday of baking and cleaning and doing laundry was interrupted by a concert a half hour away. But it was worth it.

Next weekend we have plans to hit up the local corn maze and pumpkin patch. Because you HAVE to do that kind of thing in October. This will be our fourth year of visiting this maze and it’s always great fun, especially since I no longer have to carry Olivia even part of the way. Yay for strong legs.

The weekend after that I’m heading off to DC for a weekend with some of the most amazing, strong, smart woman I’ve ever been blessed to know. The only bad part? I have to leave my house at 3am that Friday morning so I can drive to Detroit and board a plane at 7am. Yeah, that kind of sucks but, well, worth it once again, right? Right.

Then we have the Purdue dance marathon the weekend after that. We head to West Lafayette on Saturday afternoon, come home Sunday late morning and then we’re supposed to drive up to Battle Creek, Michigan for my grandma’s 91st birthday party. That’s a lot of driving. Just saying…

And the weekend after THAT is Halloween. Right now it’s only October 3rd and yet it feels like this month is already flying by.

Yikes, talk about busyness.

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Julie said...

Yay, some of those weekend plans match my weekend plans!!