Monday, October 17, 2016

The Best of Friends

I got home last night at about 8:40. I was supposed to be home around 7:00 but my flight from DC was delayed by an hour and then, it was raining in Detroit. I hate it when it’s raining and I have to drive roads in the dark that I’m not very familiar with.

But I made it.

And it was worth it.

My weekend was so lovely in so many ways. My flight out of Detroit left right on time and actually arrived in DC early. EARLY!?! I know, right?

I was the first one to arrive at the our destination city and so I was able to buy the girls souvenirs before meeting with the first of many friends who were coming in from all over the country. Around 11:30 the last of our core group arrived and we made our way to our hotel where we were lucky enough to be able to check in early and drop off our bags.

We managed to get a little sight-seeing in that afternoon and spend the evening laughing and, for some, (not me) drinking. Much bawdy laughter ensued during a crazy game of Cards Against Humanity.

I was lucky enough to room with Julie and Laura. And these two generous, gracious women let me have my own bed. See, they’ve known me for what seems like forever at this point and they know that Olivia STILL tends to join me in my own bed more often than I appreciate (once is more often than I can appreciate these day…just saying.)

But because they’re loving and generous women, they made sure I wasn’t missing home too much.

At one point, Julie pulled up Pentatonix’s cover of the song Cheerleader so I wouldn’t miss Alyssa too much.

And on Saturday morning, after Julie and Laura worked out at the hotel gym (I did not join them because, well, because I didn’t want to) Laura climbed into bed with me and asked me to scratch her back.

I responded to her the same way I respond to Olivia these days. I rolled away from her and muttered, “Sleeping.”

Everyone should have friends like this.

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Julie said...

That's because we LOOOOOOVE you!