Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Contributing Again

With the sickness that ran rampant through our house for the past three weeks, I’ve felt like I haven’t contributed to our family much at all.

On day three of my own sickness (which was a Saturday; over a week ago) I did manage to take the girls to the library, lunch and the grocery store. I had to take a four-hour nap to recover. Then, after I woke up at 6pm that evening, I went back to bed at 9. I was a mess.

But we’re all better now. Wait, let me be honest here. Olivia is better and yet most days the sleeves of her shirts are still snot-encrusted. It’s so gross. I remind her often that her sleeves are not napkins nor are they tissues. She laughs like a loon and continues to wiper her disgusting snotty nose on her sleeves. Ick!

I’ve cooked dinner most nights for the past week or so. I have done several loads of laundry and I even vacuumed both the living room and the family room last Sunday. I know, it’s already Wednesday and NO we have not vacuumed since Sunday but I won’t confess to how long it had been before I did finally haul out the vacuum three days ago. So there.

Alyssa’s first track meet of the season is tomorrow. They’re forecasting snow. Of course they are. I mean, why wouldn’t it be 38 degrees with 25mph winds on the day of the first track meet of the season? I am planning to take my winter boots, a hat, scarf, winter coat and a pair of mittens. I feel for the kids but at least they’re moving around. The spectators (should I just call them parents because who else goes to track meets other than parents and grandparents) are the ones sitting in one place freezing their asses off. Ahem.

Then on Saturday, we get to drive to Defiance, OH for the day for Alyssa to participate in the Solo & Ensemble contests. She’s singing in two ensembles, playing the flute in a solo and playing the flute in a mixed woodwind trio. So yes, it will be an all-day thing. BUT! It’s inside, so there’s the bright side.

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