Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sweet, Sweet Wednesday

I was all ready to write about how awesome Wednesdays are, what with not being bath night and us not having any track meets and you know, not being Tuesday.

And then today happened and I’m done; so done with everything. While at work I feel like I’m just always annoyed. Always.

A delivery driver asked me how I was doing today and I actually muttered, “Horrible.”

I mean…come on. Just because I hate that part of my job doesn’t mean he needs to know it. And yet…dude, I was SO overwhelmed by people the moment he asked me that I couldn’t answer in any other way. And if you don’t want the truth, don’t ask the question.

I realize that that is so mean…and rude. I also realize that he was just being polite and making small talk but I didn’t have freaking time for small talk. I needed him to go away and well, telling him I was having a horrible day actually worked, so…job well done?

I feel like I’m so negative these days. So frustrated and annoyed and busy. I often feel so put-upon, as if people are asking me to do things that are outrageous and, while not beyond my skill level, are just things I do not want to do. Heck, being asked to sign my name irritates me beyond belief these days. And I have to do it several times a day. So that makes for a lovely mood.

On a lighter note, last Friday evening my dad stopped by. I was in the middle of making dinner for the girls so he didn’t stay long but while he was there, I was a perfectly lovely hostess.

In fact, when he left, I called out to from the front door to anyone who was within earshot (not my dad, who had already driven away), “I want credit, I was a delight!”

I think it’s sad that being a delight is such a rarity for me these days. Something’s got to give.

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