Thursday, April 13, 2017


Last weekend, my mom and I drove to Defiance High School (about 45 minutes away from my house) to watch Alyssa perform in a flute solo, a mixed woodwind trio (two flutes, on clarinet…damn, those clarinets are SO loud!), and two choral ensembles.

It was requested by Lyss that we be at the school by noon even though her first performance wasn’t until 1:34. This request also included an order from McD’s for lunch. Alyssa ended up sending me at least five texts with new orders from her friends who’d heard we were stopping at McD’s and wanted in on the fast food action.

After picking up ALL the chicken nuggets, a burger with ketchup only (can I tell you how much I HATE ordering special crap like that…ugh!) and fries, we met with Alyssa and her friends at the school.

There is something about the smell of McD’s that brings every single teenager to high alert. There were so many kids surrounding our table, begging for just one nugget, or a couple of fries and, hey do you have extra water?

But it was fun too because, as Alyssa said later, since I’m always the mom with the food, I’m the favorite mom among all her friends. That’s something, I guess.

While we waited for it to be time for her first performance, Lyss and her friends took us to the gym where they’d dumped all their crap, um, I mean, their instruments and jackets and music and backpacks. Yeah, their crap.

While there, I took a few pictures of Lyss and her friends.

As she stood around with her group of friends, I leaned in to my mom and said quietly, “Sometimes, I look at her and I can’t believe she’s mine. She’s just so amazing, isn’t she?”

My mom literally wiped a tear and said, “She really is.”

The rest of the afternoon was spend going from one room to the gym, to another room, back to the gym and waiting and waiting and waiting some more. But the performances were awesome. These kids work so hard and have so much fun. I’m so glad that Alyssa is finding her place in the world. She has great friends, she’s enjoying music so much and honestly, I look at her and can’t believe she’s mine.

The scores were:
Flute solo - superior rating of 1
Woodwind ensemble - superior rating of 1
Mixed choral ensemble - superior rating of 1
Ladies choral rating - good rating of 2

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Julie said...

Wow, so many thoughts.
1. We had to drive Riley to solo and ensemble. And she always orders her cheeseburger plain and since I would order mine without onions, I understand the special orders.

2. She's gorgeous. I can't even.

3. Those scores are amazing. I remember when she was plinking on our piano when she was little and Rick said that she had a ton of natural talent.

4. I love that she has a ton of friends and is finding her path, whatever it may be. I want that for Riley so badly.