Wednesday, June 7, 2017

An I-Phone of Her Very Own

Alyssa discovered that you can have an I-Phone with Trakfone service. She’s a clever one.

She also found out that she could purchase a reconditioned I-Phone for around $70. She started scrounging up her odd dollars and cents. She also mentioned ever so casually to her dad, her Gram, and her Pawp this new information she’d found out about the I-Phone.

Do I even have to say that within about six hours of telling me about the I-Phone opportunity, we were sitting at the computer placing the order for her reconditions I-Phone?

And that less than five days later, she had her precious I-Phone 5s in her excited little hands?

No? Good.

Because she does. And she loves it. She feels to much more ‘with the times’ now that she’s got a lovely I-Phone.

And okay, I admit it. I kind of love the filters she gets through Snapchat on this I-Phone. They’re cute.

They’re funny. Sometimes, they’re even creepy. But she’s enjoying them and she’s playing with them with her sister.

Her phone even takes pictures of me that are good enough for me to post. Amazing, right? See for yourself:

So hey, yes, my fourteen year old has an I-Phone. But guess what? She actually bought it herself so I am not even apologizing for her having it. She investigated it, she found it, she purchased it. She’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

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