Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Tom has put Alyssa to work this summer. We have about a bazillion bags of packing supplies in our barn loft, our basement and in the upstairs of the detached garage (outbuildings were a biggie on our must-have list when we were looking for our house.)

I’d brought home at least two bags of packing supplies a week for several years. These bags made the move with us from our old house to our current house.

Tom has decided that having bags of ‘packing supplies’ is too annoying. He wants to have bags of ‘big’ bubble wrap, ‘little’ bubble wrap, brown paper, and yay, packing peanuts.

So he set Alyssa up in the garage (attached) to start sorting the packing supplies and rebagging them.

As he was helping her figure out what to sort and keep and what should be tossed, he mentioned the peanuts. Alyssa stopped what she was doing and asked him what he’d said.

He repeated, “I want the peanuts in this bag.”

She blinked at him. See, Tom says the word ‘peanuts’ differently than Alyssa and I do. We emphasize the NUT part of the word. You know, “PeaNUTs.” He puts the emphasis on the first part of the word so it comes out like “PEEEEnits.”

What Alyssa was hearing, though was a word very similar to penis.

She was very confused as to why her dad was talking about sorting penis.

He caught her look of confusion, picked up a packing peanut and said, “See, peanut.” Again, he said this as ‘PEEEEnit.’

Well of course this turned into a running joke in our house.

Alyssa will ask me if I like ‘PEEEnits’ and I’ll declare that I do indeed like ‘PEEEnits.’

If I ask where their dad is, Alyssa will remark that he’s probably outside with his PEEEEnits.

The other day, she mentioned that she’d told all her friends the PEEEnit joke and one friend in particular said, “I wish my mom were as chill as yours.”

That is high praise from the teenage crowd. I’ll take it!

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Julie said...

Yay for PEEEEnits!! and inside jokes :)