Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Expressing Her Badass Self

Alyssa got her ears pierced a third time this past weekend.

She’d been dropping hints about doing this for several weeks. And when I say ‘hints’ I mean, she’d basically been saying she wanted to do it. She said her friend Amelia had mentioned get at least one ear pierced a third time and she, Alyssa, kind of wanted to do it before Amelia did, so that Lyss wouldn’t come across as a ‘copycat.’

Ha! You couldn’t pay me to be teenager again. Just saying.

One of her ‘hints’ was to ask me if my third earring hole hurt more than my other two. I managed to NOT roll my eyes and told her I didn’t think so.

Then she asked me how old I was when I got the third piercing. I think I was about sixteen but I honestly don’t remember.

On Saturday morning the hinting got annoying constant enough that I finally just said, “If you have the money to pay for ear piercing, I’ll take you to Claires.”

The sun had some competition from the smile she gave me.

On the way to town, she weighed the options of just doing one ear (like I did all those years ago) or doing both. I told her that the cost would be the same, but it was up to her.

In the end, she decided to do both. I told her that definitely makes her more ‘badass’ than I am. She found that amusing, considering I’m so far from being a badass that anything and everything is already more badass. Just the fact that I’ve managed to type the word badass four times now shows how NOT badass I actually am.

For the record, it appears that, for Alyssa, the third is more sore days out from the actual act of piercing her ears than the two before were. She is taking it well, which is good because, she did kind of nag her way into this pain and I wouldn’t be bothered in the slightest to remind her of that very fact. Yep, it turns out I AM that mom.

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